Pro Shaper Profile: Ben Aipa

Duke Kahanamoku, Eddie Aikau, and Ben Aipa are all Hawaiian legends in their own right. Although two of those legends are no longer with us, we are fortunate enough to still have Ben Aipa who is surfing, shaping and having as much fun now as when he first picked up a planer.

Ben and Ted Wilson, owner of Fiberglass Hawaii, have had a working relationship for over 40 years that continues to this day. We were able to observe Ben while hand shaping a short board and sit down after to find out the back story of the “Swallow tail” and “Sting” style boards that made Aipa Surfboards a well known brand.

It was truly an inspiration to watch him shape and to see his passion for surfing’s past, present and future. Stay tuned for the next video which will be a full hand shaping video of Ben Aipa with his words of wisdom peppered through out.