Personalize Your Gear and Have Fun Doing It!

shiny and glitter posca pensPosca and Boardstix paint pens can help you customize, personalize and make something your own. It’s not always about canoes, boats or surfboards as you would expect but also photographers, sculptors, artists and even kids who are looking to differentiate their work from their peers. Posca and Boardstix paint pens are a great way to do just that. They are non-toxic, require no additional equipment and are easy to use. boardstix paint pens                     painted skateboard decksThese pens can be used to spruce up an old surfboard, decorate a hat, snowboard, backpack, shoes, skateboard, golf clubs or just about anything you would want to put your own flair on. painted guitarWe have recently added the shiny and sparkle Posca pens to our selection, so now there are even more options choose from to truly customize your project. We stock all sizes in Posca Pens from 1m up to 17k as well as Boardstix plastic broad tip and aluminum broad tip. We also have a great acrylic sealer to help keep your art protected. Check out the videos below to see how easy and fun these pens are to use.