Duke’s Oceanfest 2014 Live!

What are you doing this weekend? Nothing? Great! If you are fortunate enough to be on Oahu then you should head down to the Duke’s Oceanfest in Waikiki. If you’re not on the island then don’t worry because you can tune into the live webcast and catch all of the action. This past week saw competitors take part in various water sports such as longboard surfing, paddleboard racing, swimming, tandem surfing, surf polo, beach volleyball, and stand-up paddling. We saw many of our customers compete in these events and have a blast along with the beach spectators. This weekend’s schedule is packed with entertainment with multiple division surf contests, the mile swim, beach volleyball and surf polo. There’s plenty of action to watch so get your slice of Hawaii from wherever you may be and enjoy the sports that Duke Kahanamoku loved to play so much. Go to http://dukesoceanfest.com for all of the festivities. Mahalo!