Thank you 2014!

Well here we are again winding down another year. It’s wild how fast time flies! This was our 48th year in business and we couldn’t be happier supplying the needs of the surf, marine, fishing and other composite industries. 2015 is looking pretty bright too, with a few new things on the horizon that we can’t really talk about right now, but we’ll keep you posted. Our favorite thing about this past year was getting to know our customers both in store and through social media. There’s so many of you internationally that we don’t have the pleasure to meet in person which is why we are so grateful that you take the time to share your projects with us through email, over the phone and on social media. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your ingenuity, craftsmanship and creativity come to life using our materials. For some it’s a hobby, or a father and son project and for others it’s their livelihood. That is why we work so hard and stand by our commitment to “Provide Fine Fiberglass Materials” and we will continue to do so. Thank you for your support in 2014 and we look forward to working with you in 2015. Below are some of the pictures you shared with us this past year that inspired us and others in the composite industry.

@tokorosurfboards                                                     @stepheneichner

10787822_875642205813549_962220356_a 10860094_362772693897420_929643668_a     10802540_381655335333810_352579952_a 10616798_562153377217592_1536125562_a

@austinsurfboards                                                 @blanechamers

austin surf 10475106_259588277580761_1616994695_a     10684212_264421270348322_186499374_a blane chambers

@ebert_surfboards                                                   @besanding

10843944_1560886827461543_844796865_a ebert surf        besanding 10809755_861886923833681_217241095_a

@kapspearguns                                                      @mapsurfboards

kap spearguns10724784_286769194849830_1994117357_a     map surfboards 10731925_853312661375374_672031521_a

@aquadumpproductions                                     @distractions_kill_time

10735609_300090460193901_391323823_aaquadump productions     distractionskilltime


@hissasurfsk8                 @R_P_SALMON

hissasurfsk8     rpsalmon 10787857_1542953892607876_2133622578_a


@rickyhana                                                              @ahoisurfcrafts

ricky hana 10610975_386797494822563_628158708_a     ahoi 10004321_802903793064079_947632804_a


@headhighsurfboards                                           @naksurf

headhigh 10802904_666862006759468_786728477_a     nak surf 10808503_1505357819705731_1419013460_a

@alexander_aristotle_gazonas                           @ghettosurf

aristotle 10471965_762932843751136_424622510_a     10844275_1595596927330983_1582412876_a ghetto surf

@samansurfboards                                                @adrenalinehikauai

saman surf 914809_604774436315236_1055494588_a     10508025_1580567965491578_1785610467_n 10809812_317606935113346_716757708_a