Brand New For 2015: Fiberglass Hawaii Pro Shaper’s Square

The Fiberglass Hawaii Pro Shaper’s Square is brand new for 2015! Now the square contains both Imperial and Metric measuring options. We added both of these measuring options to the fin marking tool as well. We’ve also added additional 1/8” measuring increments so now your shape will be even more dialed in than before. There is also an area where you can mark down your magic measurements, or a customer’s phone number, right onto the layout square with dry erase marker for easy reference.

Made from a rigid plastic that is two times thicker than other measuring devices available, the Fiberglass Hawaii Pro Shaper’s Square is going to last longer, lay flat on the board and give you a more accurate measurement every time. The inch measurements are measured from left to right. This means that from the 1 on the left, to the 1 on the right, the total distance is 1”. From the 2 on the left to the 2 on the right the total distance is 2”. This makes measuring quick and accurate since there is no complicated dividing of fractions.

We found that the centimeter measurements were best left as is and are measured from the center out. This means that from the center to the 1 on the right is 1 centimeter and from the center to the 1 on the left is 1 centimeter.

This is a tool that every shaper should have on their tool shelf and is sure to be a favorite.  At only $26 it’s a must have that is sure to improve accuracy, decrease measuring mistakes and increase production. Take a look at the video and see how easy it is to use the brand new Fiberglass Hawaii Pro Shaper’s Square.