Bright is the NEW Black

It's clear to see that ProLink is the superior resin in this side by side yellowing test.
It’s clear to see that ProLink is the superior resin in this side by side yellowing test.

Epoxy lovers rejoice! Fiberglass Hawaii is proud to offer ProLink Epoxy systems. The latest ProLink surfboard resin is just one of many new products coming down the pipe from our collaboration with ProLink. Here’s why this resin is so great and why you should be using this on your EPS boards.

RR Close Up

ProLink is the most UV stable surfboard epoxy on the market. We have tested it against the most popular surfboard epoxy resins in our sun test. We laminated samples of foam using the same fiberglass and hot coating procedure. After a five day cure time, we then covered half of each sample with a piece of cardboard and left them out in the super hot Hawaiian sun to bake over a three day period for a total of 24 hours. Take a look at the pictures to see how the ProLink just barely dulled while the competitors resin turned yellow.

PL Close UPAesthetics aren’t the only thing though, usability is important and ProLink is a simple 2:1 mixing ratio by weight. Two parts resin to one part hardener. This resin has a medium viscosity which allows it to stay on the board while you are working with it instead of having it end up on the glass shop floor. Did we mention it saturates really well? All you have to do is spread it around and it will soak into multiple layers of fabric with ease. Here are some typical handling properties for Pro Link.

 Gel Time (150g mix @ 77 °F) (40 min)

 Thin Film Set Time @ 77 °F (2.5 hr.)

 Peak Exotherm (100g mix @ 77 °F) 210 °F

 Heat Deflection Temp HDT):

-24 hrs. @ 25°C

-Ultimate HDT 91°C

Here are some other applications that ProLink is great for:


-Casting and Tooling

-Marine and Protective Coatings

-Automotive Coatings



-Vacuum Bag

Last but not least, it cures super hard and can withstand a lot of punishment. If you haven’t already seen our “smack test” on Instagram then check it out below.


You can contact us for more information on ProLink Epoxy Resin you can email or call any one of our four locations listed below.

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