Intro to Vacuum Bagging

Advanced Vacuum Bagging

Do vacuum bagging and injection molding seem like they’re just too big of a task to even begin to tackle? Not sure where to start? The reality is that the process isn’t really as complicated as it appears. Okay, okay, we can already hear the uproar of naysayers so let’s clarify. It’s not complicated as long as you have the right tools and you take the time to check, double check, and triple check that all parts are working correctly.

The reality is that when you lay up any material by hand you have to do all of the work while with bagging and injecting, you’re allowing the vacuum pressure do the work for you! Let’s not forget the fact that it’s nearly impossible for resin to saturate three layers of woven carbon fiber with the use of a squeegee alone. The vacuum bagging process also allows you to stretch your resin further by utilizing every last ounce and ensures that it ends up in the fabric instead of on the ground.

This very simple tutorial from the guys at is designed to get the wheels turning. Remember this is just one way to go about this process, you may end up doing it a bit differently. Fiberglass Hawaii has all of the products that you see in the tutorial in stock so, read it and get your first vacuum bagging project rolling! For more information about our product line, please visit our webstore at or Our vacuum bagging products can be found at: