Dresser Refurb Using Epoxy and Polyester Surfboard Resins

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. With most everyone having to watch their money these days, it seems like more people are looking for hand-me-downs and ways to recycle their furniture and other household items. We thought, since that’s the trend that we’d step into the game and show you how to use our products to re-furbish and old, weathered dresser.

DSC00782When we found this dresser itwas on the side of the road, there was no finish left, the wood was dried out and splitting, and it was barely hanging together by a few little finishing nails. We thought, “hey, this would be a great project to tackle since we have to add strength, seal the wood and give it a unique look that paint can’t.”

We decided to use three different resin products to show the versatility of these surf products and the ease of use. These are just three of many options, combinations and methods that we chose to show. If you want to keep it simple you could use one resin throughout the entire process. The best part about using resins on this wood is that we didn’t have to sand anything! That’s right, no dust, no dryness, no splinters…nothing. We just gave the dresser a simple clean and then we were ready to roll. The resin really did all of the hard work, we just chose the colors and the style.

Fiberglass Hawaii is much more than just surf supplies. We’re happy to talk about your project ideas and how our products can help. Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box…Feel free to leave your project ideas or success stories in the comments below, or you can always email us at sales@fiberglasshawaii.com.