Avoid Transom Failures and Bad Color Matches

Custom Gel Coat colors

Fiberglass Hawaii is known for bringing the best quality products and materials to market. Boating and marine customers will definitely be interested in these exciting new additions to our inventory!

Samples of color matching
Samples of color matching


Our latest endeavor is providing custom gel coats for our customers. All we ask for is a flat, clean color swatch at least the size of a 50-cent coin (roughly a 2” x 2” square).  The time it takes to match varies with color. Please allow us enough time to work with it. Although it may seem simple, we are going through many trials and tests to provide the best results.

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Here’s how it works:

Find a color swatch (roughly 2” x 2”).  These could be found in all types of stores, mainly where house paints are sold, such as: Sears, Home Depot, Benjamin Moore, etc.

Place an order. Bring in the color swatch and order your desired quantity.


Note: If you call ahead of time with an order in mind, great! Please remember, we will not be able to start the match until the color sample is given to us.

Colors have been added and are ready to be mixed!
Colors have been added and are ready to be mixed!

Leave your information. As you place your order, be sure to leave a name and number so that we are able to give you a call when we have a sample ready for you to look at.

Approval. Your approval is required to assure that you too are okay with the outcome of the color. We do not want to send gel coats without knowing for sure whether or not you are satisfied with it.

Pick up. If you plan to pick up on the same day you stop by to approve, please give us enough time to mix it up for you. A gallon would take about 10-15 minutes, but 30 gallons could take 1-2 hours. Otherwise, we’ll call you when your order has been completed.  Prices will depend on color as well as material cost.


custom colors
Here are some of the colors customers are ordering that might inspire you.

Please DO NOT hand us:


– Printed pictures of a color

– Canoe Ama’s

– Canoe Paddles

– Tabletops

– Surfboard Fins

– Deck Pieces

– Ribbons


Believe it or not, we’ve had people bring these as sample chips. Our machine will work at its best with a flat, clean color swatch.

Follow these simple steps to set your brand apart, match a repair job, or add that special touch your customers want in a high-end product. We still offer our full range of standard gel coat colors too (contact your local store for regularly stocked options).

No more wood rot on your boat when you use Kay-Cel board.
No more wood rot on your boat when you use Kay-Cel board.


We are now stocking Kay-Cel high density polyurethane board in 4’ x 8’  with thicknesses of 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”. This polyurethane board is a stronger and lighter alternative to standard marine plywood which is heavier and often ends up needing to be replaced due to water damage. The Kay-Cel board will not take on water due to its closed-cell structure unlike plywood which soaks up water causing rot. Kay-Cel board went through extensive testing before being released and there have been zero *transom failures reported in over 50,000 boats featuring Kay-Cel transoms. If you are building a boat or refurbishing one then you’ll want to use this product to ensure your craft stays sea worthy for a long time. Contact sales@fiberglasshawaii.com for availability and pricing.

Up close look at the composite surface.
Up close look at the composite surface.

Presently these items are only available for customers in the State of Hawaii. We hope to be able to offer these products nationwide in the future. US Mainland customers requiring custom gel coat colors, please contact the Ventura location at ventura@fiberglasshawaii.com for availability and pricing. If you have any further questions then call us at 808.847.3951. We look forward to seeing you at the shop!

*The port and starboard sides of your boat are connected by the transom, located at the stern of your boat. All the power of the motor is transmitted via the transom to the rest of the vessel’s structure, making it a critical part of the vessel’s construction.