Fix Your Board Anywhere!

Ever had a surf session end early because of a ding? Maybe you finally made it to your surf destination and when you pull your board out, you notice a big crack in the rail? One of these scenarios is bound to happen to every surfer sooner or later. You can risk it, fill the ding with surf wax and surf anyway, but then you’ll have to face that waxy mess when you do try to fix it. Not to mention, the ding is a weak point on the board and can get bigger, turn into a buckled board or even a broken board. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The Fiberglass Hawaii UV Cure Ding Repair Kit contains everything you need to fix small to medium size dings in a matter of minutes. It’s also small enough to carry with you so you can fix your dings on the go. Be a hero and get one for yourself and a friend and never miss a session again. These little kits pack a punch for only $15.99. Go online or stop by one of our locations and pick up the UV Cure Ding Repair Kit today.