Organizing Your Sunglasses for Summer

sunglass pileSummer is in full swing and for most people that means hanging outdoors in the sun. This week we’ve come up with a simple, practical  D.I.Y. project to keep our sunglasses organized and off the ground so they don’t get stepped on or scratched. We used scrap EPS foam that can be salvaged from electronics packaging and other shipping boxes. It’s always a great idea to keep that stuff out of the landfills and to repurpose it into something fun and useful. Our sunglass holder project is a great (and cheap!) activity that even kids can do with parental supervision. Here’s the basic list of supplies we used.

All of these supplies can be found at any of our locations or you can shop online 24/7. Here are the 10 steps we did to make our custom sunglass holder.

#1Step #1 – We found a piece of scrap EPS that was large enough to accommodate our design. (You can find this stuff in most boxes when you purchase new electronics or household items from the store.) 


#2Step #2 – Cut the foam to size. We decided to do a simple rectangular shape.




#3Step #3 – Sand the foam to shape. Our piece of foam was pretty dirty and had some hard edges so we used the Fiberglass Hawaii Foam Shaping Pad to clean it up and round off the corners.


#4Step #4 – Drill two holes towards the edge of either side of the foam for the string to go through.



#5Step #5 – Apply a thin coat of epoxy resin to the back of the foam to seal it up. We used a spreader to apply the resin.



#6Step #6 – Tape off for your design;we used multiple colors in ours. Tape off across the center and apply the resin to the uncovered areas. The cool part about our scrap foam was that it had some voids, scratches and imperfections. The color that we applied was a mixture of yellow and purple tint. Tints tend to highlight the imperfections of foam which gave our piece some nice texture. We waited for the resin to harden and removed the tape.

#7 blue epoxy pigmentStep #7 – We then taped off over the hardened resin and left the white foam in the center exposed. We mixed up our French Blue pigment. The opaque pigment hid everything so we have a nice contrast between the texture of the tint and smoothness of the pigment. Once the resin hardens,  pull your tape.


#8 diy sunglass with epoxyStep #8 – We added  a pin line on either side of the blue stripe using a black Boardstix paint pen. Use a ruler to keep lines straight and draw!



#9 foam sunglass holderStep #9 – We grabbed a piece of rope, (you can use string or anything similar) and fed it through the two holes to tie it together in the back.



#10 DIY sunglass holder compositeStep #10 – We mounted the holder on the wall.




Remember to have fun and customize your sunglass holder’s shape and color. This simple project will keep your glasses safer, longer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Be creative, don’t wear sunnies? Try something else, everybody needs to place to hang their keys, reusable grocery bags and mail (just add a few binder clips to the rope and voila! You have a mail station!)

Use this simple project as inspiration. We’d love to see any project you’re working on so remember to tag #fiberglasshawaii in your social media posts.