Get a Smooth Finish on Your Next Project

The Fiberglass Hawaii Finish Shaping Pad is essential to any professional or aspiring shaper. This tool is most commonly used with full sheets of sand screen to achieve a smooth finish on various foam surfaces. This is a finishing tool so it is used after the more aggressive shaping tools have cut and shaped the blank. When used correctly, the finish shaping pad will clean up scratches and smooth out the surface in order to prepare the surface for glassing. Choose your grit, place it on the foam, place the flat side of the pad face-down and apply moderate pressure using your hand. For best results scrub nose to tail and use long, fluid motions opposed to short, choppy motions which will cause unwanted high and low spots. Watch the video for more info.

Don’t forget about the other Fiberglass Hawaii shaping tools that make shaping more accurate and fun, without breaking the bank. Check them out below and remember to tag us in your project posts using #fiberglasshawaii so we can see how you are using our products in your projects.