Introducing ArtResin®

Our focus has always been seaward. That siren call had inspired us to improve our processes, our materials, and to nurture the art of building better water crafts.

As more and more non-surf, non-marine artists patronized our stores we’ve recognized the need to supply them an artist specific line of non-toxic epoxy resins. EnterArtResin®.

ArtResin® is engineered for a wide range of uses from jewelry manufacturing, sculpture, sealing photographs or artwork. It finishes with a high-gloss clear coat that makes art pieces pop while protecting them. ArtResin® has no VOCs and no fumes and offers unparalleled non-yellowing protection due to HALS technology.

ArtResin® is available in 8oz, 32oz, 1 gallon, 2 gallon, and 10 gallon quantities

Here are just a few examples of how artists are using the product. Feel free to tag us in your work @FiberglassHawaii & @Art_Resin and we’ll be glad to share it.


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